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Flash Track 元宇宙:極速體驗探索藝術創新能量時空
Flash Track Metaverse: The Extreme Experience explores the time and space of art innovation energy

March 01, 2023

頂優藝術教育協會策劃在2024年12月推出10支公益VR情境式動畫遊戲,呈現10個在人類藝術史上,因東西方交流、多元民族薈萃而極具變化與創新能量的時代,以獨特的互動模式,建構在Flash Track的10個星球讓世人探索。不同於一般單向導覽介紹藝術品,而是由個人意願選擇進入每個星球主題故事體驗情境,成為有如自身成長經歷記憶的學習,如同愛因斯坦(Albert Einstein, 18979-1955)所說:「知識的唯一來源是經驗。」

In December 2024, the AmKing Association plans to launch 10 public service VR art education interactives, presenting 10 world’s historical eras of great momentum of innovation due to the cultural exchange and the convergence of diverse groups. With a unique interactive mode, the 10 historical eras will emerge as 10 planets built on the Flash Track in metaverse allow the world to explore. Different from the general one-way guide to introduce artworks, the 10 public service VR provide deep interactions integrating strong theme story for user to explore, that it becomes a profound and vivid learning experience. As Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said: "The only source of knowledge is experience.”



Combining science and space elements to explore the pure power of art

20世紀英國人類學家Alfred Gell揭示:「藝術是一套行動系統,旨在改變世界。」偉大的藝術作品具有強大的自能量,乘載藝術家精湛技藝與構思設計,能夠在人類世界中發揮能動力,不受時空限制影響人類社會。Flash Track VR情境式動畫遊戲呈現藝術史上、由於多元民族與文化交流而極具創新能量的10個時空,這10個具高度創造能量的時空,憑藉自身強大的自能量,透過重力場方程式(Field Equation)造成時空彎曲,一一成為行星,在宇宙中彼此串連成Flash Track星系。Flash Track星系中所具備的豐盛創意能源,不但可維持自身星球所需,更以強烈光能形式提供能源給其他宇宙星系。人類因此發現宇宙中最珍貴的能源是創意能,而Flash Track星系所具備豐富創意能源,更成為人類所亟欲前往探索的太空領域。

The British social anthropologist, Alfred Gell (1945-1997) revealed: ”Art is a system of action, intended to change the world. ” Great works of art are powerfully energetic, carrying the artist's magical/magic-liketechniques and captivation, and are able to play a dynamic role as social agency in the human world, influencing human society without constraints of time and space. The 10 most creative times in the history of human development, with their own powerful self-energy, have become planets through the gravitational field equations that cause the bending of space-time, and are connected to each other in the universe to form galaxies. Human thus discover the most precious energy source in the universe is pure power, and the Flash Track, with its abundance of pure power, has become a space frontier that human is eager to explore.



Treasure hunt to strengthen the pure power of the earth, soar to the 11th dimensional to be knighted

為了促進整體宇宙動能正向力的積極創發,太陽神阿波羅從11維時空邀請地球人類到Flash Track來尋寶,並傳送10架來自第11維時空的未來太空飛行器,讓人類得以乘坐前往Flash Track中的10行星,尋找10件創意能寶物,帶回地球,強化地球的創意能。除將創意能寶物帶回地球外,在探索Flash Track行星的尋寶過程中,行星本身所具備的豐沛創意能量也將如腦內晶片般,源源不絕地植入到尋寶者的核心意識中,啟發創意思維,積極地在AI世界中發光發熱。

當人們在10個Flash Track元宇宙星球中體認了藝術的價值,並收集到10個寶物後,將飛升11維方的神之殿堂,受封為守護人類文明的地球保護使者,讓人們心中感受無比榮耀。為了再一次感受這種美好,再一次前往Flash Track元宇宙星球品嚐藝術之旅,相信是不會令人意外的!

In order to promote the positive kinetic of the overall cosmos, Apollo, the Sun God sent 10 future spacecrafts from the 11th dimension to allow humans to travel to the 10 planets in the Flash Track to search for 10 pure power treasures and lead them back to Earth to strengthen its pure power. In addition to bringing pure energy treasures back to Earth, the rich pure energy of the planet itself will be implanted into the core consciousness of the treasure hunter like a chip in the brain during the treasure hunting process of exploring Flash Track planets, inspiring creative thinking.


When people realize the value of art in the 10 Flash Track planets in the metaverse and collected 10 treasures, they will ascend to the Temple of Apollo in the 11th dimension and be appointed as the protector of the Earth to protect human civilization. The heroic knighting will make people's hearts feel the immense honor. To experience this honor once again, it will not be surprising to see user go on another art tour to the Flash Track metaverse planet!

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